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An original idea for your  decoration!


Adoor is a new decoration concept that instantly decorates your doors!

I click on "collections" 
then "samples" to discover the product.
 I discover the product on the pictures. I Adoor!!  I measure the width of my door before ordering my Adoor. The standard sizes are 63, 73, 83, 93 cm in width, the height is irrevelant.  I order my Adoor,
my transaction is secure with the "3D secure system".

How does it work?

It's simple!

Adoor is a printed fabric that wraps around the door. It adapts to on any standard door and the installation takes less than 3 minutes!

Installation is very easy: I drape it on the door, lace it and it is set up within three minutes!

Adoor decorates your door on both sides without disturbing the door's movement.

Customer feedback:

  "superb and friendly website"  30/12/13 Richard L.    
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"My daughter loves her princesse's room!" 2/01/14 Sara
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" At last a fun and practical storage for toilet paper" 3/01/14       Anna
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 "great print job and fast delivery." 4/01/14 Eve  
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"thanks I love my new look." 5/01/14 Monique
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"affordable art. Bravo." 6/01/14 Diane

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